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The main objective of the North American Odyssey is to educate elementary and middle school students about North America's waterways, wildest places, rich history, and unique people. Students and teachers will be able to use email, online polls, live moderated chats, videos, photos, scientific data and a host of other educational resources to connect with the adventurers.

We are working hard to develop a complete curriculum guide, which will make it easy for teachers and parents to get their students engaged and turn them into virtual explorers. During the Wilderness Classroom's last major project, the Trans-Amazon Expedition, there were over 60,000 students and 1,600 teachers learning alongside the expedition team. We expect these numbers to grow and grow as word gets around about this unique learning opportunity.

Over the next few months we are rebuilding our student and teacher website To get an idea of how students and teachers can participate in the North American Odyssey check out the Trans-Amazon Expedition.

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