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Crystal River, Florida

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We spent most of the day paddling across Waccasassa Bay. Even though we were far from shore most of the time, the water was very shallow. The water has gotten quite clear. I could see the bottom below my boat for most of the day. Dave actually had a small sea turtle bump into his kayak. It disappeared before he could see what kind of sea turtle it was. We have enjoyed watching Ospreys lately. This morning we saw one fly overhead with a fish in its talons. Ospreys eat mostly fish. They like to nest near the water. We spotted this one up high in a dead tree. It sure has a nice, big nest. Ospreys are specially adapted for catching fish. Did you know that they have reversible outer toes that help it hold fish and closable nostril that help it dive?



Distance traveled: 32 miles by kayak

Animals seen:

2 Ospreys

50 Brown Pelicans

60 Double-crested Cormorants

1 Royal Tern

6 Foresters Terns

8 Ring-billed Gulls

2 sea turtles

2 American Oystercatchers

1 Anhinga

6 Common Loons

2 Pie-billed Grebes

1 Bottlenose Dolphin

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