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How can we stay safe during our 37-mile portage?

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"Historic Suwannee River" sign, comp...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we said goodbye to the Atlantic Ocean and pointed our kayaks west. We are paddling up the Saint Marys River, which forms the border between Florida and Georgia. On Friday we will start a 37-mile portage to the Suwannee River. We will wheel our kayaks on carts down a rural road to get to the Suwannee River.  We think that it will take us 3 days of walking to complete the portage.

We do not expect a lot of traffic on the road, but we are a little worried about walking along a road for such a long ways. We have been trying to brainstorm things that we can do to stay safe when we walk along the road and help make it easy for cars to see us.

Do you have any suggestions for things we can do to stay safe along the road?

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