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Walking to the Richelieu River

Greetings from the Richelieu River! We portaged our canoe from the Ottawa River to the Richelieu, because that is what won the last Cast YOUR Vote. We loaded our canoe, Sig, onto our cart and walked f [ ... ]

Portage to the Richelieu
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10_27_14Student Response (Lower) 10_27_14Student Response (Upper) Greetings from the Richelieu River! We portaged our canoe from Montreal to the Richelieu River, because that is what won the last Cast [ ... ]

A Visit to Victoria Island
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10_20_14Student Response (Lower) 10_20_14Student Response (Upper)   We made it to Ottawa, the capital of Canada! I have some information about Victoria Island to share with you now! Remember, stu [ ... ]

Garbage in the river

Last week we collected all of our trash and found that we produced one large zip-lock bag of non-recyclable trash during the week. Most of the trash was plastic bags from food. Based on your suggestio [ ... ]

How should we get to the Richelieu Canal?

We will paddle south along the Richelieu Canal to get from Saint Lawrence River to Lake Champlain. There are two ways that we could get from Montreal to the Richelieu Canal and we need you to help us  [ ... ]

How can we reduce the amount of garbage that we have to throw away?

Based on your suggestions to our Dave’s Dilemma a few weeks ago, we have been saving all of our trash for the last 5 days. Our plan is to save 7 days worth of trash and then sort and weight all of t [ ... ]