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Video Trip Summary

Here’s a 2 1/2 minute video we created for our home town school board and community.  It provides a good and quick summary of some of the interesting experiences we had on the first 2/3 of our [ ... ]

More rapids and a community
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The nature of the river has changed. The calm stretches between rapids are shorter and there are many more small rapids and riffles. Like Roosevelt we have noticed that the trees are getting larger as [ ... ]

Our first visit to a Cinta Larga community
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Last night we camped by the bridge near the Teneie Marques, a Cinta Larga community. Brazil was playing in the World Cup. We could hear cheers coming from the community. We think the whole village was [ ... ]

Navaite Rapids and Top Hat Rock
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Three days ago we loaded our canoe where Theodore Roosevelt first caught a glimpse of the Rio Roosevelt. One hundred years ago Roosevelt and his team followed the telegraph line to where it crossed th [ ... ]

The end of the river, but the adventure continues
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6_17_14 Student Response (Lower) 6_17_14 Student Response (Upper) One hundred years ago President Roosevelt and his exhausted team rounded a bend in the Rio Roosevelt. It was like hundreds of other b [ ... ]

The mouth of the Rio Roosevelt!

We made it to the mouth of the Rio Roosevelt. This is the end of the river, where it pours into the Aripuana River. I think we feel as good as Roosevelt did we he saw the rest of his original party ca [ ... ]